A portfolio of my work, my research and aspirations

Current Work and Interests

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Florida Tech


  • Investigating the use of GPUs to improve performance of Interactive Web-based visualizations
  • Applying data mining and machine leaning algorithms to bioinformatics datasets to discover patterns and provide solutions to biomedical problems
  • Applying data mining and machine leaning algorithms to provide computational solutions

Summer 2016

  • Utilized WordPress to create customized websites and Inkscape to create HD vector graphics. These sites feature a number of plugins such as Woocommerce, social media buttons, login pages, email templates that were customized to provide the desired messages and styles. A preview of these sites and graphics can be seen below.
  • Incorporated OpenEMR (an electronic medical records management platform) into a WordPress website.
  • Transferred a web project from Godaddy to the AWS secure platform and utilized security protocols such as ACLs to secure the platform
  • Created WordPress child themes to achieve the desired effect. Example: Fitzwork.com was created using a custom Vantage child theme that was built with inspiration from ZerifPro.

Graphic Design

    hour of prayer
    Bethel Abundant Life Ministries
    House Calls on Wheels


    • 2015Interactive Visualization of Netflow Traffic EISIC
    • 2012Parallel sorting of biological sequences using the Intel Concurrent Collections Thesis

    • 2015Password Authentication: Weaknesses, Strengths and Alternatives Paper
    • 2015Computer and Information Security in Bioinformatics Paper
    • 2011Analyzing the Performance of Popular Methods used in Pattern Classification in the field of Bioinformatics Paper
    • 2011BlocksReader: A Bioinformatics Tool to Aid in Information Retrieval and Data Visualization Based on the BLOCKS Database Paper


    • 2016Machine Learning Algorithms
      LMS-based Tic-Tac-Toe
      ID3 Decision tree
      Feed-forward Artificial Neural Network
      Genetic Algorithm
      GitHub Java code
    • 2015Sample Algorithms
      Binary Search Tree Organization
      01-Knapsack Algorithm
      Maximum Subsequence Sum
      Topological Sort
      Matrix Chain Multiplication Ordering
      GitHub Java code


    Programming in a number of languages which include the following:

    • C/C++
    • Java
    • Perl/BioPerl
    • Python
    • Fortran
    • SQL
    • CUDA
    • Visual Basic (MS Access VBA)
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • C#

    Graphic Design

    CS and Bioinformatics Research

    • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Data Mining/Machine Learning

    Database Management

    • Completion of SQL database benchmarks on TPCH Standard Specification Revision 2.14.3 5GB dataset

    Possess knowledge in a multiplicity of software packages which include:

    • IntelĀ® Concurrent Collections for C++
    • MATLAB
    • SPSS
    • R
    • Microsoft Office
    • Blender
    • Inkscape

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